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How to locate a rental where pets are OK!

Finding a pet-friendly rental that allows multiple dogs or cats, bigger breed dogs, or Pit Bulls or other 'dangerous' breeds can be quite a challenge! Here are some tips and resources. (This information is provided for informational purposes, and does not imply endorsement or recommendation by WoofTags.)

We are hearing from renters with Pitbulls that the best chance of finding a Pitbull-friendly rental is to look for a dog-friendly rental and then go meet the landlord. See tips below.


  1. Get pre-approved for Renters Insurance & tell landlords you have pre-approval. It costs about $20 a month.
    Einhorn Insurance www.einhorninsurance.com tel. 858-336-4644 specializes in homes that have Bully Breeds/Power Breeds as pets, and will make a donation to the nonprofit animal rescue of your choice for every new policy too!
  2. Talk to the landlord first to establish yourself as a reliable tenant FIRST, then discuss your well-trained Pitbull. Offer dog references from past landlords.
  3. Widen your search. Be more flexible about the location and amenities.
  4. Search your local Craigslist rentals using the worlds "no breed" with the quotes in the search box. That will show all listings with no breed restrictions. (Sometimes they are typed "no breed or weight restrictions" which is why it is better just to search for "no breed".)

More Tips from a Successful Pitbull Renter

"What helped me was:

1) Having renters insurance. I pay like $300/year which works out to like $25 per month for renters insurance with liability that covers up to half million. Plus $5,000 personal property. This makes landlords feel more secure because they don't need to purchase additional homeowners insurance or worry that they'll be liable.

2) My dog has her CGC Canine Good Citizen Certification. It basically says, "This dog is good in ALL situations."

3) I made a doggy resume, to personalize her some.

4) I also got letters of recommendation from her vet, dog sitters, old roommates. I attached all this nonsense to prove that A) I'm a responsible owner, B) I love her, C) She's a responsible dog.

It took a couple tries but 4th time was a charm. We had 3 people say ok, and then back out at the last minute. The good news is, I ALWAYS found a place by the time I needed it. Sometimes just 2 days ahead. Yes, they were close calls. Don't give up!




Pet-Friendly Rentals (not Pitbull-specific):

* http://www.craigslist.org
Free. Search "no breed" or "all breeds" using quotes just like that around the two words in the search box. That will show all listings with no breed restrictions... sometimes they are typed "no breed or weight restrictions" which is why it is better just to search for "no breed".

* http://www.peoplewithpets.com
Free. Check each listing's "Pet Policy" tab for any breed/weight restrictions. Most have breed restrictions but occasionally ones open up with only a weight or interview one.

* http://www.zillow.com/los-angeles-ca/apartments
Free. Click on MORE then check "Pets Allowed" to see which listings allow cats and/or dogs.

* http://hotpads.com/CA/Los_Angeles
Free. Click the little menu icon in the top right to refine your search, then check dogs.

* http://www.imstoday.net/paws/aptsearch.aspx
Some zip codes have many listings, others will show you the closest ones which may be quite far away. You'll need to scan the list for ones without breed restrictions (look for "interview").





Links were last checked 10/16/14.
If you find a broken link or to add one, please email Wooftags.com

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